Posted by: adrienehill | February 3, 2009

Looking for: 20-35 year old college grad

We’re working on a series of stories about the way the economy is changing people’s lives and plans, and are looking for a 20-35 year old, college grad, who’s trying to deal with the recession.  Maybe you’re still living at home?  Or you haven’t been able to secure that great first job you were hoping for?  Maybe you haven’t been able to move from that first job to the next step?  Or are just freaked out about what’s coming?  What’s your experience?   

You can comment below or email  Please include contact information so we can be in touch.



  1. I am a 30 year old out of work accountant who has to live at home with the parents to afford my debts and health care. It is so difficult because I still pay COBRA on a HDHP plan. Because of my HDHP plan, I do not have coverage until I reach $2,500 so the first $2,500 is out of pocket. I have some health concerns, which makes this difficult. I also have student loans, credit card debt. I saw 40% of my IRA evaporate. This is the only time in my life where I truly do not know what will happen next. I also would be lying if I was not really concerned about the economic direction of the country.

  2. I am a graduate, having recenly recieved a Masters degree in Architecture from a fairly decent school. I was truly lucky to have gotten a really great job when I graduated, just before the downward spiral began. However, my firm (and just about every other Chicago architecture firm) has been laying people off in huge numbers. We have lost about 20% of our employees within last few months, and some other firms have dropped in size by more than 50%. Many of my talented, educated, and extremely hardworking collegues of mine have lost their jobs, with little hope of finding a new job. I would say that 1 in 3 of my friends have lost their jobs. I realize that 7.6% unemployment is bad, but in architecture, it is much much worse. I am terrified of seeing my career end so soon after completing my degree.

  3. I have two degrees, one in Psychology and another in Paralegal Studies. I’ve worked as an Administrative Manager in the lumber industry for the last few years. I was laid off on March 13, 2009 and am still currently unemployed. I do not have enough “on the job” experience to get a job as a Paralegal (which is how I ended up as an Admin Mgr- need to pay my mortgage!) and I would obviously need to go back and get a Masters degree to continue in Psychology (which I was not necessarily interested in). I’m 35 years old, not married, no kids, drive a 10 years old car, never defaulted on anything, and own my condo. I kind of tumbled from one job to the next, making mainly lateral changes with the hope that it would lead to a higher up position if I worked hard. I got paid very well as an Administrative Manager and in my previous positions as well. At 35, I finally felt like things were ‘finally’ falling into place, and finally felt ready to get married to my boyfriend, start having a family, and really be a full-fledged member of adult society. I guess I’m just an overly responsible, late bloomer! Due to my lay off, I feel that my life is now “on hold”. I can’t sponsor my boyfriend to move here (from UK) and I can’t even think about buying a newer car! I do have a good savings, but now that I’m unemployed I’m going to need it to make ends meet since unemployment insurance is so paltry. I feel like my kind are slipping through the cracks- we are still young(ish), educated, childless, home owners, who feel we have not “fully launched” into adulthood. Since the decline of the building industry during this recession, I really just don’t know how long it will take to regain the pay I was making as well as my confidence. It wasn’t supposed to take another 15-20 years to get to the next rung of the ladder!

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