Posted by: adrienehill | February 10, 2009

Majority not worried about being laid off

A new Gallup poll shows that 68% of Americans aren’t worried about being laid-off–but 41% of people say they have friends or relatives who have lost jobs.   From the same  poll:

“Notably, 12% of workers say their hours have already been cut back within the last six months, 9% say their benefits have been reduced, 8% have had their wages reduced, and 2% say their companies have outsourced jobs overseas. Adding these numbers to the percentage who are worried about these events occurring in the near future yields net “worried”/”already happened” percentages between 10% and 40%. Still, as is the case for the data on job layoffs, from a more positive perspective, these data also show that the clear majority of American workers are not worried about these events transpiring.”

The author has some interesting things to say about what the numbers mean–and the multiple ways to interpret them. 

“Many of today’s economic statistics can be looked at from two different perspectives. While January’s 7.6% unemployment rate is very high by historical standards, it still indicates that well over 90% of Americans who want work have a job. Similarly, although the 29% of Americans who say they are worried about losing their jobs (and the 2% who say they have lost a job within the last six months) is very high, the fact that 68% of Americans are not worried about losing their jobs could be seen as a sign of psychological worker resilience.”


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