Posted by: adrienehill | February 19, 2009

New Contributors!

In excellent news, the blog has three new contributors–

M Hunter “is a techie trapped in the body of a creative. Originally a West Coaster, he came to chicago for school, met the girl of his dreams, and hasn’t managed to leave yet. With almost ten years of experience in IT, he was unexpectedly laid off by one of Chicago’s premier media properties. Now he, along with his wife, try to navigate unemployment, keep the marriage together, and keep their senses of humor through it all.”

Eddie Lakin “is a culinary school graduate, chef, and restaurant manager with more than 15 years of restaurant industry experience, including working for two years in Spain and Italy.  With a resume that includes scooping Beluga caviar at Tru, rolling maki at Roy’s Chicago, and slinging hash browns and over easy eggs at Uncommon Ground, Eddie brings a wealth of culinary knowledge and real-world experience to his current kitchen gig–cooking at home for his wife and two young children after being laid off in October of ’08.  He blogs at Cooking and Eating in Chicago and writes for web-based food and wine magazine Off the Vine.”

Reid McCamish “is a Chicagoan who by day is a social science researcher.  By night, he fancies himself an artist, musician, futurist and firebrand philosopher.”  Reid is planning to write about viewing work as a choice instead of an obligation and about employment negotiations. “I mean to talk about how most employment negotiations, especially job interviews are conducted as if the employee/job seeker has no negotiation power, essentially as if they’re begging for a job, when I’m reality, they’re negotiating the sale of a valuable commodity – their time or labor – that they have control of.”



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