Posted by: adrienehill | February 24, 2009

Immigrants and the Recession

Tomorrow, I’ll have a story on the air about a new immigrant to the US from China–and the tough competition she’s facing looking for work.  In reporting the story I’ve run across a lot of  interesting research about how immigrants are faring during the recession. 

An expert from the Migration Policy Institute will be on 848 tomorrow talking about their new report “Immigrants and the Current Economic Crisis: Research Evidence, Policy Challenges, and Implications” 

The Pew Hispanic Center also has a new study out  “Unemployment Rose Sharply Among Latino Immigrants in 2008”  It finds that : “The current recession is having an especially severe impact on employment prospects for immigrant Hispanics, according to an analysis of the latest Census Bureau data by the Pew Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center. The unemployment rate for foreign-born Hispanics increased from 5.1% to 8.0%, or by 2.9 percentage points, from the fourth quarter of 2007 to the fourth quarter of 2008. During this same time period, the unemployment rate for all persons in the labor market increased from 4.6% to 6.6%, or by 2.0 percentage points. “


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