Posted by: adrienehill | March 2, 2009

Hard Working Coffee House

We’re pairing up with the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum to hold a coffee house on March 11th. Register here.

We’ll talk about the job hunt and getting by without work. We’ll also have experts on hand to help you brush up your resume–with special tables available for artists, graphic designers and writers.

And there will be a ShopTalk booth where you can share your own story of looking for work.

Hope to see you there!



  1. I am an executive coach, and many of my clients are “in transition,” and I would love to be involved in this project.

    I find that one of the biggest struggles that he unemployed face is that they don’t know what they want in a career, so they desperately apply for jobs they only half-heartedly want, and then feel shocked, surprised and disappointed they don’t get an offer. I specialize in helping clients find out what they *really* want, in a job, career, or life.

    Please contact me, Adriene, if you are interested. I could either do 1-1 work or as part of a speakers panel. Whether you contact me or not, thank you for this project, so many people need this!

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