Posted by: urbantherapy | April 16, 2009

Hunter: O, the things we cannot change

Posted by contributor M Hunter.

The events of the past few weeks really brought into relief just how much control I have over some things.In applying, interviewing, and fielding calls from recruiters, one thing that comes into relief is just how much control I have over the whole process. That is, very little.

Sure, I can make sure I’m clean, presentable, well-spoken, and have my stuff together, but there are all manners of people out there, and they’ve read my resume, given me a call, or wordlessly tossed my information into the round file.

After submitting paperwork, making calls, and traversing out to Deerfield from the far Northside to gauge travel time, I call to ask just where the potential employer is in the hiring process. They’re not actually in the hiring process, as budget and personnel and the Easter Bunny have seen to the halting of the entire production.

In a second incident, I meet one of the small minority of people in a hiring position who wanted the “Skills” section” listed before the job history. She tell me, none too subtly, that she absolutely hates the layout I used, which, to be honest, I’ve been using for the past ten-plus years and is kind of standard. She goes on to lecture me about how wrong I am, and when I finally recover from this shock of being read the riot act, I ask about the position she originally called me for. “There is no available position,” she snaps.

All this to reiterate what seems to be an essential truth, not only in your job search but in life in general. There are only so many things you can control and really be responsible for, so make sure your own house is in order at the very least.


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