Posted by: Sara S. | April 28, 2009

Get by with a little help from the blogosphere

Twelve financial blogs are collaborating on a project they call “12 Things Every Teenager Needs to Know About Money (And How to Teach Them).” Sure, teenagers and college kids root around on the Internet all the time, but  how often are they Tweeting and how often are they seeking monetary advice? If your teen is more fond of the former, then be sure to share some of the posts in this series:

1.Spend money based on needs not wants

2.Money doesn’t grow on trees

3.Delay gratification to succeed

4.Two words: Compound interest

5.Living on a budget isn’t an option

6.Credit cards will steal your lunch money

7.Should you earn a college degree

8.Taxes are a necessary evil in life

9.Do what you love, love what you do

10.Don’t be a tightwad: Give generously

11.There is more free money than you realize for college

12. Living on your own isn’t cheap


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