Posted by: adrienehill | May 13, 2009

Report: Feds plan to hire 700,000 in the next 4 years

From the Washington Post:

Wanted: Several Hundred Thousand New Civilian Workers

By the time President Obama’s current term is over, his administration will have hired enough new federal employees to populate a good-size city.

His proposed budget for fiscal year 2010 projects that “The Federal Government will hire several hundred thousand new civilian employees during the next four years,” in part because baby boomers are calling it quits.

The administration acknowledges that it needs to fix an arduous federal hiring process. For those already on the payroll, the administration says it plans to enhance training, improve evaluation methods and “put a healthy leadership pipeline in place” that identifies successors for critical positions.

A major factor in the workforce growth is the 2010 Census. More than 100,000 temporary workers will be hired by the Commerce Department to count us, according to the budget’s “Analytical Perspectives” document.

Here are other examples of projected staff increases:


— The Pentagon’s workforce will increase by 13,800 when the work of outside contractors is returned to the agency, contributing to a civilian total of 708,000.


— Department of Homeland Security efforts to boost border security and improve enforcement of immigration laws would contribute to the hiring of 7,000 workers, bringing the total to 176,100.


— The Department of Veterans Affairs plans to hire 9,800 employees, for a workforce total of 279,000.


— The Social Security Administration plans to hire 3,200 workers to serve retiring boomers. That would take the agency’s total to 68,300.

Not all agencies grow under the budget. Two would drop 800 workers each. The Agriculture Department would fall to 95,300 employees and the Small Business Administration would have 3,200 staffers.

If it all shakes out as Obama plans, he would be boss-in-chief to 2.1 million employees in 2010, up from two million this year.

You can find the budget’s “Analytical Perspectives” at



  1. Please provide me with additional information on the upcoming openings

  2. You can find federal jobs online at

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