Posted by: Lauren Talley | June 15, 2009

Helpful sites for inexpensive food

Cheap Cooking: According to its founder, Ellen, Cheap Cooking is designed to provide information and resources for people needing—or wanting—to cut back on expenses. After scouring bookstores, garage sales and libraries for information, Ellen is well equipped to provide readers with recipes and tips.

Better Budgeting: This site is ideal for families who want help with every aspect of cooking: recipes, meal planning, budgeting. Browse breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas to find out how to be frugal at every meal.

Rebecca’s Pocket: This blog got started when creator Rebecca made it her goal to feed herself and her partner for one month on a “Thrifty Food Plan” budget cooking with organic food. Her budget is $74.00/week or $320.80/month, the USDA “Thrifty” standard for a family of 2 adults, aged 20-50 years. Read about what she buys, what she eats, what it costs and how she manages to do it.

Frugal Recipes: Brimming with cooking tips and 11 recipe categories, Frugal aims to be a one-stop shop for your recession cooking needs.

The Culinary Review: TCR is a food and cooking resource focused on the cost and calories of food and recipes. Through its database of food costs, density conversions and calories, the writers translate common recipes, as well as those from famous TV chefs, and provide clear-cut information such as total cost, cost per serving, total calorie content and calories per serving.

The Paupered Chef: Launched in 2006, this tongue-in-cheek blog from Nick Kindelsperger (who lives in Chicago) and Blake Royer (who lives in Estonia) features a wide variety of food-related topics, from cheese-making to curing pig jowls in the living room, to the perfect technique for cooking hambugers. Their motto: “No project is too absurd or misguided.”


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