Posted by: Lauren Talley | July 21, 2009

In Seerch Of: Why Spelling Matters

I can tell you from experience it happens. I had everything together: cover letter, resume and references – check. I went over them countless times and asked family and friends to double check. It all seemed in order, so I hit send.

 Because I’m a little obsessive, I checked the next day to make sure everything went through. It did, but then I noticed one glaring problem – a spelling error. A spelling error in the cover letter! How did that slip through?

 A new survey from Accountemps found 76 percent of 150 executives wouldn’t hire someone with one or two typos in their resume. Forty percent said just one blunder nixes a job offer.

 Spell check can’t pick up every error, though. Resumania  lists some of the most common, and maybe the funniest, typos. Just make sure you don’t make these errors when applying for a job:

“Hope to hear from you, shorty.”

“Have a keen eye for derail.”

“Dear Sir or Madman.”

“I’m attacking my resume for you to review.”

“I’m a rabid typist.”

“My work ethics are impeachable.”

“Nervous of steel.”

“Following is a grief overview of my skills.”

“GPA: 34.0”

“Graphic designer seeking no-profit career.”

Moral of the story? Check, spell check and double check. Read your materials aloud and have others review them too.


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