Posted by: Lauren Talley | August 12, 2009

Free haircuts for the unemployed? Yes please!

With no job and no income, it can be hard to maintain that “clean cut” look while navigating the maze of unemployment. That’s why Charles Martin at Salon 64, 1064 W. Bryn Mawr, is now offering free hair services for the unemployed.

“I thought it’d be a goodwill thing to do because so many people are hurting for money, especially now. It’s a really rough time right now,” Charles told me.

The first 20 people to schedule an appointment will receive a complimentary haircut, shampoo and blow dry. To be eligible you must provide unemployment documents and proof of a job interview. Call (773) 728-1128 to make reservations. Salon 64 is open seven days a week and the free services are available through August 20.

But that’s not all. Chicagoans can find free haircuts all over town, especially if you’re willing to take on a dramatic new look. lists salons seeking hair models and the site is also a good source for free haircuts and styling.

Did you snag a complimentary new ‘do? Tell us where and we’ll pass it along.


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